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Site Cooperation in the Central German Chemical Triangle

Advantages in the international competition for investments by using synergies among the chemical parks

Using synergies related to feedstock integration

Knowledge transfer among the chemical sites / strengthening the competiveness by establishing chemical sites as “Knowledge Sites”

Creating chemical site related conditions

Site Marketing in the Central German Chemical Triangle

joint strategy in order to make the chemical sites clearly perceivable and to force the noticeability of the advantages emerging from feedstock integration in the Central German Chemical Triangle

cooperation in the field of site marketing and attracting investments

reaching a new dimension by interlinking federal state marketing, image building and site marketing

Chemical Park Management Competencies as a Unique Selling Proposition

Combining and marketing existing competencies in chemical park management and specific know-how of transformation processes in the German chemical industry

Presenting these competencies as a site advantage increases the chemical sites’ attractiveness for international cooperation

The Future Cluster Chemistry/Plastics Central Germany

CeChemNet is one major partner in the cluster process

Cluster Chemistry/Plastics Central Germany is an important partner in the “strategy dialogue chemistry” with the federal state government of Saxony-Anhalt / developing a cluster strategy with the federal state government of Saxony-Anhalt

strengthening regional cooperation between the chemical and plastic processing industry and sciences – developing the innovation landscape in Central Germany

developing synergies by cooperating with other clusters in Central Germany e.g. automotive, biotechnology and environment

International Activities

Representing the interests of the chemical sites in Eastern Germany on European level via the European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN): influencing the positioning of the High Level Group for the competitiveness of the chemical industry in Europe by integrating CeChemNet’s interests (in the field of innovation, human resources, chemical logistics, energy and emission trading)

CeChemNet makes a contribution to force several European initiatives and ccoperation projects to develop chemical site relevant conditions (e.g. RegioSusChem, ChemLog)

Implementing the project ChemLog - Chemical Logistics Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe – Initiative for the Development of Central and Eastern European Feedstock Network for

•strengthening railway and waterway transport for chemical goods in comparison to road to improve safety and environmental protection, reduction of costs and increased speed and flexibility for chemical logistics

•supporting the development of logistic centres for intermodal transport and their integration in infrastructure planning.

•supporting stronger connection of pipelines for the development of an effective central and eastern European Feedstock Network.

•initiating transnational know-how and technology transfer for the development of efficient transport systems with focus on West-East dimension

•supporting the implementation of trans-European Transport Corridors, Contribution for harmonisation of regulations, coordinated planning of infrastructure and coordinated use of Structural Funds.

CeChemNet facilitates the access to international network structures particularly for SME