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From Feedstock Integration to a Network of Innovation Sites

CeChemNet focuses the experience and knowledge which was
acquired since 1990 when this economic region with a traditional chemical background underwent extensive restructuring. CeChemNet is committed to attract new companies to invest in the Central German chemical sites and to expand existing businesses and projects. The network business partners target advising and supporting companies at Eastern European chemical sites to meet their challenges in restructuring and developing projects.

The CeChemNet partners are closely working together in
the field of Public Relations and Site marketing to present the
advantages of the six sites to prospect investors, to the
press and even to the public. The increasing visibility of the
chemical sites in the network on an international scale
provides an important additional benefit compared to solely
presented sites.

Besides synergies owing to the feedstock integration in the
Central German Chemical Triangle the CeChemNet sites offer
another advantage for prospect investors: the specific profile
of each chemical site in terms of Research & Development,
with each site focusing on different fields (see graph on the
left). Chemical Parks are the driving force in the Eastern German innovation landscape. The chemical parks’ differentiation in terms of R & D proves a paradigm shift with accepting the increasing relevance of knowledge as a production factor – at a progressive rate, chemical parks serve as „knowledge sites” in a „knowledge society”. Furthermore, the CeChem-Net sites’ specific R & D activities enhance their attractiveness and strengthen their position in the global competition for investments.

Based on differently focused chemical sites there emerges
a characteristic chemical landscape in Eastern Germany.
The extension of the value added chain and the high synergies
on chemical sites and in the region are distinctive features of
the chemical industry in Central Germany.