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Germany's new federal states are a region poised for economic growth giving potential investors a whole series of reasons for coming to Central Germany:

•it is centrally located at the intersection of Western and Eastern European markets with contacts they have developed to Eastern European countries over years, it has a tradition of outstanding chemical engineering and technologies that will get you to the future first, it has an exceptional infrastructure and excellent access to the European road, rail and air networks.

That has given it the tools to continue the positive development it has taken since 1990. German unity initiated a truly spectacular process that touched upon all walks of life and was unparalleled anywhere in the world in terms of scope and depth. Central Germany linked up to its centuries-old tradition of being an economic, scientific and business centre and attained an awesome upturn in just a few years. Add to that, the European Union will be expanding towards the east, making
Central Germany the crux of the European continent in immediate proximity to the states of Central and Eastern Europe. Together with national and international investors, the Central German Chemical Triangle staged an impressive new start. Its chemical facilities have just what new companies need to relocate here. The entire infrastructure, production plants and their efficient and ecological supply and disposal systems have been restructured, making them state-of-the-art. This is where outstanding chemical expertise goes hand in hand with popular
acceptance of chemical engineering. What make this region outstanding are its competitive conditions, an infrastructure designed with your production facilities in mind and qualified workers ready to perform. Alone since 1990, more than 100 billion euros have been invested in target-orientated projects in Central Germany from private and public funds for transportation systems and industrial plants as well as logistic, service, trade and science centres. But, it's not just the local economy that benefits from this work.

These excellent conditions are also accessible to new companies relocating here in competition for the burgeoning European markets poised to go east. After a decade of restructuring and modernisation, it is this interaction of economics and science that pave the way for the future developments, making Central Germany an attractive place for investors who want to efficiently stake out the European market from its middle.